Pro Setting Powder


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Pro Setting Powder comes in four shades.  Translucent is a neutral setting powder which will not change or dull colours, Clown White is used for powdering a white face to add brilliance, Skin Tone Light is a translucent light powder which sets light to medium-light skin tone makeups, Skin Tone Dark is used to set makeups on mid-tone brown skin.


Clown White 88612 0.7 oz, Clown White 88622 5 oz, Translucent 88611 0.7 oz, Translucent 88621 5 oz, Skin Tone Light 88613 0.7, Skin Tone Light 88623 5 oz, Skin Tone Dark 88614 0.7 oz, Skin Tone Dark 88624 5 oz


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