Large Luster Powder (.25 oz)


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Use Luster Powder over Cremes to intensify the brilliance of colour as eyeshadow or body shimmer. Choose a bold colour for a desired stand-out effect or a lighter shade for a kiss of velvety shimmer. Mix Luster Powders with Magic Set mixing and lining liquid to create unlimited shades of beautiful, dynamic, liquid liners or paint.


88650 Golden Nova, 88651 Golden Glow, 88652 Opal Ice, 88653 White Opal, 88654 Silver Starlight, 88655 Blue Jazz, 88656 Fuchsia Fire, 88657 Black Galaxy, 88658 Copper Quasar, 88659 Bronze Sun, 88660 Burgandy Blast, 88661 Lavender Lights, 88662 Golden Rose, 88663 Pink Champagne, 88664 Astral Peach, 88665 Shimmering Sand, 88666 Stellar Mocha, 88667 Café Cosmos, 88668 Morningstar Turquoise, 88669 Twilight Teal, 88670 Oro Verde, 88671 Emerald Eclipse, 88672 Orchid Odyssey, 88673 Pulsar Purple


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