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Formulated for the professional theatrical market’s needs, each Graftobian Cake Foundation matches shades in the Graftobian HD Glamour Creme line in addition to our standard bright shades, plus black and white. Graftobian Professional Cake Foundation applies easily with a moistened yellow tablet sponge to yield a flawless, streak-free finish. Also ideal for hot climates.


Bombshell 30402, Prima Donna 30404, Sweet Heart 30406, Glamour Girl 30407, Show Stopper 30476, Cabaret Kitten 30409, Diva 30475, Chestnut 30462, Olive Brown 30474, Black 30491, Buff 30440, Sunrise Flush 30477, Aurora 30430, Morning Glow 30443, Afterglow 30432, Cedar Spice 30485, Ceylon Cinnamon 30434, Henna 30444, Ingenue 30403, Vixen 30478, Enchantress 30479, Buttermilk 30450, Desert Sand 30480, Golden Sunset 30452, Enchantress 30453, Burnt Amber 30455, White 30490, Red 30492, Blue 30493, Yellow 30494, Green 30495


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